Estate Planning

  • Established qualified personal residence trusts (“QPRTs”) for family vacation homes in Massachusetts and other states which will allow these properties to stay in the families and result in estate tax savings of more than $1 million.
  • Advised a family in connection with the sale of an almost 100 year old family business, with particular emphasis on income and estate tax issues and on family members adjusting to suddenly having “real money”.
  • Worked with several families to establish special needs or supplemental needs trusts for their children with issues such as MS, asperger’s syndrome and mental retardation. These trusts will allow the children to remain or become eligible for government assistance programs while still receiving significant economic benefits from the trusts.
  • Assisted numerous clients, including physicians, business owners and residential and commercial landlords, in asset/creditor protection strategies, including the use of limited liability companies, generation skipping dynasty trusts and family limited partnerships.