Our Attorneys

At Archstone Law Group, we pride ourselves on being trusted business and transactional advisors, central to our clients’ development, strength and growth. We represent companies, business executives and professionals across a wide range of industries, with concentration in the health care field. Our extensive experience and expertise, integrity, and business-minded approach enable us to deliver high quality, responsive service. We focus on the things that matter to you.

Andrew H. Butler
Andrew H. ButlerShareholder
Katherine Y. Fergus
Katherine Y. FergusOf Counsel
Eve T. Horwitz
Eve T. HorwitzRetired
Kara J. Johnson
Kara J. JohnsonOf Counsel
Elizabeth A. Lashway
Elizabeth A. LashwayOf Counsel
Zick Rubin
Zick RubinOf Counsel
Arlene R. Schuler
Arlene R. SchulerShareholder
Tracey Spruce
Tracey SpruceOf Counsel
Brenda Ulrich
Brenda UlrichShareholder
Lori Yarvis
Lori YarvisShareholder