Authors and Publishers

Publishing in the 21st Century has evolved beyond bound books and static content. We advise authors and publishers of textbooks, trade books, professional and technical books, and online publications on the legal issues of the publishing world both today and tomorrow.

We collaborate with authors to understand and enforce their existing contracts, to adapt to new publishing conditions, and to evaluate and negotiate new publishing opportunities. Our clients range from the creators of children’s books, cookbooks, and memoirs to the authors of some of the nation’s most successful introductory college textbooks. We also work as outside counsel to publishing companies on copyright issues, contract drafting, and trademark protection. We also represent publishers in negotiations with authors or other collaborators, and advise them in disputes with third parties.

Author Services

  • Represent authors when negotiating publishing contracts with large and small publishers, or when making self-publishing arrangements.
  • Draft author collaboration agreements.
  • Review and negotiate agency agreements.

  • Negotiate and draft software and website content development agreements and licenses.

  • Advise authors on copyright questions.

  • Represent authors in disputes with publishers, including disputes regarding copyright ownership and royalty accounting and payment.

  • Conduct pre-publication reviews for potential copyright, defamation, privacy, or other issues.

  • Advise authors on insurance coverage for publishing and media liability.

Publisher Services

  • Update and draft standard author contracts to reflect current media outlets and distribution channels.
  • Advise publishers in author negotiations.

  • Advise publishers on foreign rights and other third-party distribution contracts.

  • Advise publishers on foreign rights and other third-party distribution contracts.

  • Conduct prepublication reviews for potential copyright, defamation, privacy, or related issues, and advise on third-party claims.

Representative Engagements


Authors and Other Creators

  • Authors of college textbooks in economics, business, psychology, sciences, and many other disciplines.

  • Authors of middle school and high school textbooks.

  • Authors of trade books in fiction, non-fiction, art, business, photography, self-help, cooking and children’s books.

  • Collaborating writers and ghostwriters.

  • Documentary film makers.

  • Visual artists and architects.

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