Intellectual Property Law

Our intellectual property attorneys focus on providing creative legal solutions in the areas of copyright, trademark, licensing, publishing, media, and Internet law.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients – health care organizations and companies, colleges and universities, food industry businesses, publishing and media companies, consumer and retail businesses, professional service businesses, engineering and manufacturing entities, educational, scientific, and cultural organizations, authors and artists – make the most of their intellectual property. Our clients look to us to help protect and enforce copyrights and trademarks, to provide the legal framework for branding strategies, to draft and help implement intellectual property policies, review and negotiate software contracts, and to navigate intellectual property issues to best serve and strengthen their business and non-profit missions. We guide clients in maximizing the value of their creations while minimizing risk.

Representative Engagements


  • Register and protect copyrightable works, including books, art works, musical recordings, websites and computer programs with the Copyright Office.

  • Draft, review and negotiate software licensing agreements.

  • Work with clients to draft and implement intellectual property and copyright policies that align with an organization’s goals and values.

  • Advise educational institutions, museums, performing organizations, authors, and publishers on the use of third-party materials on campuses, in performances and publications, and in on-line settings.

  • Represent clients in disputes about copyright ownership, licenses, and infringement.

  • Prepare, review and negotiate licensing agreements, marketing agreements, Internet and electronic media agreements and terms of use.

  • Create website user agreements, terms of use, disclaimers, privacy and copyright policies.

  • Prepare, review and negotiate confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements.


  • Select, register and enforce trademarks across many fields and industries.

  • Assist clients in branding services and goods by selecting trademarks, brand and service names, and logos that will be both effective and defensible.

  • Manage and maintain federal and state trademark registrations.

  • Help clients identify and deal with potential infringers, as well as with infringement claims by others.

  • Represent our clients resourcefully in conflicts or potential disputes about trademarks.

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