Brenda Ulrich presents a webinar entitled, “A Second Bite at the Apple: Getting Rights in Your Book Back” for the Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA) on Thursday, October 17th from 1-2pm. In this webinar, Brenda will discuss the role of reversion clauses in publishing contracts, which allow rights in a book to revert to their authors under certain circumstances.  Join in the conversation to learn:

  • What is a rights reversion?
  • In what circumstances could/should an author seek a reversion of rights?
  • The reversion of rights clause – what is it, how to see if you have any rights per your contract
  • What are the benefits to seeking a reversion of rights? What can you do once you have your rights back?
  • How do you go about seeking a reversion of rights

To register and listen in on this webinar, please visit the TAA website.